so I like to send text messages. However, I hate my phone's T9 predictive text thing. For one, it doesn't have bad words. Instead I get "duck" and "shiv." Thanks a lot, Verizon. And when I type "hey" it always suggests "hew." Do people really use the word "hew" that often? Unless the phone is only used by lumberjacks, I doubt it.

It also doesn't do conjunctions well, so it looks like I have bad grammar: "Im going, dont know if shes gonna go or not." To add insult to injury, it suggests "dnot" first instead of "dont." Every now and then it'll suggest one with an apostrophe, but it seems random. And I just discovered today that if I try to type "emailed" it suggests "emailde" first. That's not even a word!

Maybe I just don't know how to use it, but it's annoying. And there doesn't seem to be a "learn word" feature, which would be useful for work and cursing. Duck Verizon.


Adam Gerard said...

With my Verizon phone, I've found that if you type a word letter-by-letter, even with T9, it will end up remembering that word. So while "shiv" is still the number one option, it's 4-letter cursing counterpart is also now an option for me. And thank goodness because "crap" or "poo" doesn't always carry the same weight.

And as far as apostrophes, my phone will use them, but for some reason treats the apostrophe like a period and capitalizes the next letter. So "don't" (typed 36618) will show up as "don'T." The only way I've learned to combat this problem is by typing in all lowercase (rather than T9 "Word" mode) or typing in all lowercase contraction words letter-by-letter so my phone will learn them and list them as an option when using T9.

Andrew said...

Huh, interesting. I'll have to try sending bad words a bunch of times and see if it learns then. If I type 36618 though it gives me "don.u"

What phone do you have? I have a Krazr or however it's spelled.

Andrew said...

I figured it out, thanks! Using T9, I'll start with "shi" then hit "ok", then type "t" and hit "ok" and it learned it. I can't get it to learn "Don't" though.