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So TJ Miller, a guy I know from GW, is on the ABC show "Carpoolers." The "Living with Carpoolers" video on their site is actually about him, and it's pretty funny. When he moved to LA he lived with Jerry O'Connell, one of the stars, who says a lot of funny stuff about him. And O'Connell is married to Rebecca Romijn (no longer Stamos) too. Not a bad deal.

Anyway, on the show TJ plays Marmaduke, the lazy/dumb son of Fred Goss and Faith Ford's characters, who sits around all day in his underwear. He actually never wears pants on the first episode. Check out the show, which is OK, though TJ's parts are pretty good. And there are a couple other random pics on my Flickr.

And here's TJ back in the day as part of GW's recess comedy group. He's the one in the blue.

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