so a lot of have asked me about the Wackazoid. It is pretty much the most extreme thing ever. The Wackazoid started out as our wiffle ball team mascot. It is from the Planet Wackazoid in some awesome galaxy, and it's everything that is totally extreme to the max. It's a lightning bolt that's on fire, carrying a boombox, surfing, giving the thumbs up, wearing RADICAL sunglasses and wearing a backwards hat. There's a space shuttle. He hangs out with Khan from "Wrath of Khan" and breaks bottles over his nuts. Take that Chester Cheetah.

But aside from looking extreme, it is totally extreme. Check out the Myspace page.


Anonymous said...

Looks like it's made more of lameness than awesome- and extremeness.

Andrew said...

good thing you are anonymous or the Wackazoid would destroy you