so there is a big brouhaha going on over at Facebook. They have a new "feature" called the Facebook feed, which basically says what everyone is doing at all times - adding friends, posting on the wall, joining and leaving groups, etc etc etc. People are going crazy and tons of new groups have started up, like "WHAT THE EFF HAPPENED TO FACEBOOK!" "Facebook feed sucks," "New Facebook is Nobody's Friend, Wayne," "facebook looks shit now" and so on. There's also websites and petitions already.

I didn't like it at first because it filled up the screen and I could care less if my friend added "Driving With Phil (my penguin)" to his favorite activities, but it's also kind of an invasion of privacy. Clearly, this is a social networking site and we're providing all of this information, but I don't really want or need to know where people are posting messages, who added who as a friend, and so on. If that stuff were important, I think my friend would tell me. Somebody joining the "I Like Boobs" group is not really that Earth-shattering. I assume Facebook thinks they're being helpful, joining in on the constant updating feed craze, but I just want to turn it off.

Some people are suggesting it's a publicity stunt, which is not a bad idea considering how Myspace is the big wig of this stuff.

I like this response though, "BREAKING NEWS from the facebook news feed!", where people post stupid updates.

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