so i saw the first episode of that new show "Jericho" the other day, I really liked it. It's about a little town in Kansas after a nuclear bomb goes off somewhere not too far away, the residents aren't too sure where it was or why it happened - are they under attack? And so on. I sort of like that apocalyptic-type stuff, zombie movies, "The Omega Man" and so on, and this is about the same, with some "Lost" thrown in. Being a geography nerd, I noticed some errors, like the bomb going off behind some mountains. It was a pretty creepy image, except there are no mountains in Kansas and you can barely see the Rockies from most of Kansas. When you can see them, they're really small, not like how they were shown. But it was dramatic, so hey. They played some good songs, including a Killers song which sounded a lot like U2, and I usually don't really like the Killers much. Anyway, I'll be watching on wednesday when the next one is on.

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