So I am having some problems with the vending machine at work. The machine has ten slots, A1-A10, B1-B10, etc. but it’s weird because there are buttons 1-9 and then a “10” button that you have to hit for slot 10. However, I keep forgetting this, so whenever I want to get the Twix or whatever is in B10 I hit B then 1 and then 0, and end up with the shitty Andy Capps Hot Fries from B1. What is this, a Chinese keyboard? Why not just have 100 buttons, “B1” “B2” “B3” if you are going to make it that complicated. Or just a button that says what you are getting, like “Twix” or “shitty Andy Capps Hot Fries (don’t hit for Twix).”

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