so I gotta say, I think Boca Raton, Florida is probably the worst name for a town ever: it means Rat Mouth. The only worse name for a town I can think of is Asno Raton, which means rat ass. Seriously, how did they come up with this name?

Ponce De Leon: "OK guys, we need to name this town something. We've already used up all the best saint names. Have you seen anything in the area? Like maybe a disgusting and universally hated animal that spreads the plague?"

First Mate Juan: "I saw a rat."

Ponce de Leon: "What was it doing?"

Juan: "Eating some garbage."

Ponce de Leon: "Ok, let's call the town Eating Rat."

Juan: "But then people might think the residents of that town eat rats."

Ponce de Leon: "Good point. How about Rat Mouth?"

Juan: "Sounds good!"

Maybe Ponce de Leon was eating too much lead or something. I think they packed their food in lead cans back in the day.

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