so i have a bit of a quandary at work - what do you do about making jokes with your boss? specifically, i was organizing a softball team for the company picnic, (being the important person that i am, i am only given the most important duties) and i asked the vice president of the group i work in, who's a pretty high-up guy, to be the captain. he declined, and so did a couple of other people above me, and then the v.p. suggested i be the captain, and said "don't worry, I won't hold it against you if we lose", which was pretty funny. but I didn't know how to reply. i thought of lots of funny stuff, such as "that sounds good, I have been watching a lot of ESPN recently" or "ok, but i would need an expense form so I could hire tommy lasorda as my co-captain." both of which (i think) are funny, but since he is the way-up boss and I don't really speak to him much, i don't know if he would appreciate the humor or think "I don't appreciate this kid's sarcasm" or something. so i erred on the side of caution and replied with "EAT SHIT!!!"

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