Rant: I hate ads about surprise cars with bows

You suck, Lexus
So I hate ads about cars with bows. Supposedly, people buy a car for a loved one and surprise them with it, often involving some elaborate or (supposedly) cute trick, like kids opening a giant box or lifting a giant Christmas stocking to reveal the car with a giant bow. There's so many of these ads on TV, and they suck.

The entire premise is bogus. They're trying to make it seem like it's this common, normal thing, everybody gives surprise cars with giant bows -- but they don't. They're too big and complicated for that, there are so many decisions you'd need to make for it to be the perfect car for the recipient. It's hard enough to buy clothes as presents, but a car?

What if you spent $30,000 on a surprise car, but the person really wanted another car, or another color, or another year, or some other option you didn't get? You'd have to talk to the recipient endlessly about what they want in a car, and then it'd be pretty obvious that they're going to get a car, which would thus ruin the fun. You'd need to check all the different reviews of the cars too, but you wouldn't be able to tell or ask the person what the good things and bad things about the car are ahead of time.

And anyway, who spends $30,000 on a Christmas present? Or are they just marketing to rich people?

Why not just go to the dealership together and pick one out? The only time I'd ever think a surprise would work is for an old or classic car. This guy loves red '67 Chevy Impalas, so I bet he'd be happy with a present of one. However, all these ads are for new car surprises, not old ones.

The giant bows are also bogus. I don't think anybody actually puts a giant bow on their surprise car present, assuming they actually exist. And where would you even get one? There are some web sites, of course, but it looks like they're mainly aimed at car dealers. (Related, that website is for a company based in Wapwallopen, Pennsylvania. What a weird name.)

The entire premise is dumb. They're trying to create this fake tradition to sell cars. No thanks.

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Lindsey said...

i got a surprise car for christmas of 1995. it was my first car, and my parents had gone on and on for the months leading up to christmas about how 16 year old's are not responsible enough for cars. i totally didn't think that i was going to get a car. so christmas morning i was opening up my presents and they were all cheap and sucky, i was so pissed (yet grateful because i know that some kids don't even get presents...blah blah blah)! anyhoo, my parents said, "oh yeah, we forgot one" and handed me this little box with a key inside. they said "it's your very own key to the van". at this point i was even more pissed because we had this huge brown ford club wagon that, at 16, was mortifying to be seen it. anyhoo, i walk outside at my parents request to go "try out my new key"...and holy mother of freaking crap...there was a shiny silver mustang with a big red bow on it. excited, i was! so i say all of that to say this... just because no one has surprised you with a new car topped with a pretty red bow doesn't mean that it doesn't happen. and when/if it ever happens to you, i can't imagine that you'll say, "but i wanted one with a sunroof" and scoff at their purchase. that's just my little rant of the day.