I Watch Every Ski Movie, Episode 2: Ski Trippin'

Uh oh
so continuing my quest to watch every ski movie brings me to Ski Trippin'.

This one was a little different, in that the entire cast is black, while most ski movies are lily-white. Unfortunately, this movie is really, really bad. I should have known what to expect, however, because the previews before it included a movie starring Dr. Dre and Ed Lover, guys I last saw hosting MTV Spring Break maybe 15 years ago.

The movie seemed to be some kind of vanity project for some Philly radio people, but I hadn't heard of anybody who was in it: the top billed guys include Eddie Hustle, Joeyzaza, Poochman, and Cordele Taylor, all as themselves. What was odd was that some people appeared as their same names ("Snax as Snax"), but others were as themselves ("Tommy B as himself").

The plot of the movie, if you want to call it that, is that a radio station is holding a big concert at a ski resort near Binghamton, New York. After some random stuff happens that has no bearing on the plot, lots of people get on a bus and go to the ski resort. However, you wouldn't know it's a ski resort, as there is no actual skiing. In fact, you don't even see snow -- the entire movie takes place inside a hotel, which appears to be something sub-Holiday Inn, maybe a Super 8.

The movie is fantastically low budget, as they don't seem to have lights or microphones, so half the time you can't tell what's going on. There's some partying and such, and some nudity, but it's pretty creepy -- a guy is having a wet t-shirt contest in his bathroom and he gets kind of gropey. It's pretty gross.

Typical camera work
The only funny part of the movie takes place when the character Snax sets up a convenience store in his hotel room, complete with a window he sits behind. The rest is either painful or incomprehensible -- there are way too many characters and I couldn't hear them half the time.

I'm pretty surprised this movie was available on Blockbuster's version of Netflix -- it's more like a group of friends made a home movie with a camcorder. Do not watch it under any circumstances.

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