Clothes drive me crazy

so clothes drive me crazy -- not wearing them, but the sizes. I asked for some pants for Christmas, and I got a few pair from my parents. My mom asked me if the 34" waist ones I have still fit, and I said yes, because they fit perfectly. So mom got me a couple that are 34" and a couple that are 35". Some of them work, some are super tight, and some (even the 35s) I can't even button.

What the hell? An inch is an inch! Everybody uses the same measuring tape! It's not like you're converting from metric to English, or UK pints vs US pints, or European sizes or something. And then sometimes the same exact type of pants vary greatly based on what color they are. Seriously?

Drives me insane. I'm just going to find one kind that fits and just buy 5 different colors of them and wear them until they fall off. Must suck even worse for women's clothes.


Roar Savage said...

Omigosh, you have no idea. Especially in high school: every trip for bra or jeans shopping ended in tears.

Andrew said...

I don't doubt it! Pretty sure taking them back and getting new ones today took some years off my life. I needed a beer afterwards.