Music Jam: Noisettes - "Never Forget You"

so this is a song I've been liking a lot recently: it's called "Never Forget You" by English band the Noisettes. I'm not sure where I heard it, I'm guessing it was at a bar or something because it was on my Shazam iPhone app (the one you use to figure out what a song is.)

Anyway, it's pretty great -- 1960s girl group style with fuzzy guitars, and I can't not like a song where a girl with a great voice wants to skip work and drink whiskey. It makes me imagine sitting in a dark bar early in the day with a good old friend/flame. Good stuff.

Unfortunately the video's sound quality is a little off, but the one on the Myspace song player is better. They also played on Letterman, pretty solid. And their other songs on Myspace are good too, from their album "Wild Young Hearts."

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