so I'm a pretty big soccer fan. I follow DC United a lot, and I'm a very big fan of the US National Team. I might not be the most knowledgeable soccer fan, but I'm pretty strident. Last World Cup, I skipped out on work about lunchtime to watch the US games at the Billy Goat Tavern near work. It was the only place around that had a TV, and even though it was a sterile knockoff of a burger place in Chicago, it had TV and burgers, plus the added bonus of beer.

Give the US performance, however, they were pretty miserable lunches, but still I liked going. I especially liked at work, my DC Government office building, I'd wear a jersey and random folks going to court or the police department or the tax office would ask "hey, how'd we do today?" Random folks who never cared about soccer or American national teams against the world were asking strangers about both. It was pretty cool.

The US plays Brazil tomorrow in the finals of the Confederations Cup, after beating the top team in the world, Spain, in a shocking and decisive 2-0 win.

It'll be a huge game, but whatever happens, at least our players have last names.

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