Asher Roth is a genius

so I heard about this song "I Love College" by Asher Roth, and I listened to it. The guy is a genius.

Not because the song is good, but because of what it is: a collection of all the supposed best things about college - partying, drinking, girls, and funny stuff. It's like if you put Animal House, PCU, Old School, Road Trip, Van Wilder, and all the other college movies together in a blender, and that resulting smoothie was a song. Everything is so basic and obvious-- you've seen all before, yet I just know college kids will be screaming it at bars, frats, and parties for years. It's a pretty big demographic with a lot of money, and he pretty much hits everything they do or hope to do. It's kind of an aspirational song - college kids hope their lives are like this.

Congrats, man, you are probably rich.

Here's his Myspace.

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adidave said...

Philadelphia Weekly did an article on him a few months ago. Worth checking out - http://www.philadelphiaweekly.com/music/Asher-Roth-42983072.html