Lützenkirchen - "3 Tage Wach"

so Lützenkirchen (I had to copy and paste the ü) is an electronic artist from Munich, Germany. I found this video just randomly on Youtube. It's pretty awesome.

Lützenkirchen- 3 Tage wach - MyVideo

There's an English version too, and if the song is translated, then "3 Tage Wach" means "three days awake" and the song is about getting drunk. There's also a pretty awesome 8 minute version in German.

Here's Lützenkirchen's Myspace and his blog.


Anonymous said...

no, it is not a song about getting drunk, who ever managed to stay awake drunk for 3 days?! it is song about taking drugs, partyng and staying awake and wasted for 3 days.. typical berliner weekend.

Andrew said...

close enough