Don't read this post at work.

so last night I saw my first ever vibrator ad on TV. My roommate and I were watching Rambo: First Blood Part 2 on AMC, which is a pretty awesome movie if you haven't seen it, though I recommend seeing the first movie beforehand.

It was after midnight, and all of a sudden an ad for a vibrating sex toy for women came on - it was this thing by Trojan that you put on the tip of your finger and it vibrates and also had little plastic hairs on it. There were all these cooing women talking to their girlfriends about it in the ad. It was pretty weird to see a sex toy ad on TV and on a legit network, let alone one showing Rambo. They also had ads for maxi pads and stuff, so maybe they got their demographics messed up. I could see guys buying the sex toy for their girlfriends, but maxi pads, not so much.

Anyway, it got us talking - maybe the US is becoming more like Europe, less puritanical and more open towards sex. I'm fine with that. And it also reminded me of one of the scenes from that movie Euro Trip (which is not bad when it comes to dumb comedies with a lot of boobs). The characters were talking about how much nudity is on European TV, and then there's an ad for peanut butter with two naked lesbians making out. It's pretty funny.

So maybe that commercial is next on AMC, during Not Without My Daughter or How Stella Got Her Groove Back or some other movie that doesn't fit.


Edmund Schluessel said...

These are just some of the things I've seen naked boobs used to advertise in France:

* Cheese
* Shampoo
* Car safety features

Andrew said...

haha, awesome