so I keep noticing indie rock being played in places I wouldn't expect it. For example, I went to Burger King the other day and they were playing Spoon. Then at Giant, the grocery store, they were playing "Last Nite" by The Strokes. I like this phenomenon, but it's weird.

And speaking of indie rock, the house where I used to live is in this video, it's the DC band Five Four practicing in the practice room. The bassist lives there, and I used to live in the basement and it was cool to hear the music every now and then. Folks in the hood liked it too, wafting into the street. They never played late at night though.


Eddie said...

Great post!!!
The Strokes were on this New Year's list, which I think you'll like.
Have a happy New Year!!

emma discovery said...

i heard the national and a couple others in the des moines airport at 5am on jan 4... surreal.