so tonight i was flipping channels and landed on Current, that TV network Al Gore started. I'd never watched it, but ended up watching about three hours straight. It's good. It was founded to be an anti-Fox News, but they changed their model before it launched (and maybe a good thing, since Air America Radio is having problems) to be a series of news "pods" for younger people, i.e. 18-30ish. Some are produced by viewers and some are made by the station staff, but they're all pretty interesting.

The station operates differently than any other TV I can think of, all the pods are a few minutes long, and then there's another one. I saw one about coca growing in Colombia, a solider with post-traumatic stress syndrome, a Swedish band (Mando Diao, maybe I'll check them out), a dance club in London, a guy doing "parkour," which is a sport where you run around and jump off stuff, and so on. They're not corny or coying, and they remind me most of Channel One News, if anybody had that back in school. But they were cooler than that, and some weren't news at all, just interesting stuff. I really enjoyed it and if you have it, I recommend it.

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