so here's my new concert list. not much going on really.

Wed Jan 03 The Nunchucks, Five Four, The Faboulous Funky, Once Okay Twice $ 8 - DC9 - my ex roomie is in Five Four, and Nunchucks sounds like a funny name

THUR JAN 4- VCR, THE POINTS $7 backstage 9:00 - Black Cat - VCR is a Richmond band I hear good things about

SAT. JAN. 20 The Dears w/ Annuals $15.00 - 930 Club - the Dears are a cool moody Canadian band. i saw them in Philly, good stuff

FRI MAR 16- SLEEPYTIME GORILLA MUSEUM, SECRET CHIEFS 3 $13 mainstage 9:00 - Black Cat - great band name

SUN APR 1- DO MAKE SAY THINK $10 backstage 9:00 - Black Cat - mellow


Edmund Schluessel said...

http://www.warrenellis.com/?p=3430 I can't decide if this is terrible or awesome.

Man vs. bear to see who can eat hot dogs the fastest.

Andrew said...

that is 100% awesome edmund!

hank said...

Sleepytime Gorilla Museum has possibly the best name for a band ever - but are they any good?

Andrew said...

I dunno, never heard them! it will be an experiment