so I like to watch movies. "In the Line of Fire" was on the other day and it made me think how it's interesting that there are so many movies about assassins - assassins fighting other assassins, good guys trying to catch assassins, assassins with pangs of conscience, etc. Based on all the movies about it, it seems like a burgeoning career field. I almost expect to go to the Craigslist jobs section and see executive assistant, assassin, barista... I wonder if there's a special website for assassin jobs, AssassinJobs.com or something? But really, are there that many people who need assassinating? Seems sort of excessive, since half the time the targets in the movies are CEOs and stuff. If your company is doing so poorly that you need to assassinate a competitor's CEO, I think you need to look at your business plan. But then again, I guess movies about IT technicians or some normal job aren't as interesting. "You have to install this printer now, or the President dies!"

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