so I hope I'm overreacting here, but it seems like a lot of really messed up stuff is happening all of a sudden (and it just so happens that the election is now over). First, the Republicans changed some rules so that Majority Leader (and Majority Dick) Tom DeLay won't have to step down from those positions if he is indicted in Texas for campaign contribution violations. Then the Republicans raised the maximum amount of debt the government can rack up, meaning the President can make the debt larger and larger than its ever been, without having to consider any alternatives. Both of these rule changes are ridiculous, they show that most Republicans in Congress would rather change the rules than abide by them. The DeLay thing is just an obvious, behind-the-back way to prop up their "boy" who created a ridiculously unfair and illogical redistricting in Texas so that Republicans could gain five seats in the House. They claim they are doing it because the district attorney is a Democrat and it's a partisan attack, but 3 of his associates and 7 corporations have already been indicted by a nonpartisan grand jury for the same thing. Thus it's pretty obvious they are just trying to change the rules to save his stupid, lying (but effective in hurting Democrats) ass. He's already had four ethics violations in the House, one of which was about the Texas redistricting, so basically now they're saying he can do whatever he wants, and we'll keep him in power. And the debt limit is ridiculous too: "gee, maybe we should tell the government to spend less? No, let's just raise the limit they can spend." The Federal Reserve has already warned the U. S. about our massive deficit and how it could damage our economy and the world's.

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