so i went to see ben kweller play the other day, and i have to say, it's pretty weird to get rocked by somebody who is younger than you. it was a good concert, but it was an interesting crowd. pretty much eveybody there was a high school girl, with a few boyfriends thrown in and a couple of high school dudes who wish they were ben kweller but were acting cool so nobody noticed they weren't. it was really amusing actually, all of the girls were obviously in love with him and were singing all lyrics, which is doubly odd in that i knew them too. so it made for an amusing experience, liking a concert while being surrounded by 17 year old girls infatuated with the musician. i saw a couple of people i knew and we were commenting on how everyone was looking enviosuly at our over 21 hand stamps. i would say that i was the oldest person there (since the folks i went with are younger than me) but that would be incorrect, because there were a lot of dads there, standing far enough away from their daughters to not incur a "god dad you are so annoying!!" but close enough to make sure that some bad punk d.c. dudes didn't hit on them. and dads, you were succesful.

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