Glasvegas ticket contest

so I'm having a contest to win tickets to see Glasvegas, the new big Scottish buzz band, at my other blog, New Columbia Heights. Check it out! The show is Friday at the Rock and Roll Hotel.


Ecto Cooler

so anybody remember this stuff? I was a fan.


DC Obama office now open!

so there was no DC Obama office for a long time, but now there is. It's at 803 Florida Ave NW, right near the U Street Metro. Folks can come in pretty much any time to do phonebanking, etc. Here's the hours:

M-F 5-9, Sat 11-8, Sun 2-8


DC has no vote in Congress

so this is a pretty great video, it's the full version of a song I posted before.

If you live outside Washington, DC and think it's unfair that 600,000 people in the city don't have a vote in Congress, write your Congressman about it! That's the only way it's going to change, since DC can't do it!


Athletes and DUIs

so I don't understand why athletes get DUIs. It happens all the time - yesterday, for example, to Oakland Raiders defensive end Tommy Kelly.

But look at Kelly. He signed a $50 million dollar deal, and he can't afford to hire somebody to drive him around? I never understand that. Pay your best friend or a relative or something! Give me a break. Either pro athletes are absolute morons (which is very possible) or, for some reason, it suddenly becomes really fun to drive drunk when you become a pro athlete. Maybe the teams should start hiring drivers or taking away pay or something when athletes get caught.



So I saw this walking by L'Enfant Plaza today. I would suggest a new acronym for this organization.


Unsolicited CD Review: Sunfold, "Toy Tugboats"

so here's another CD I got randomly in the mail. It's kind of noodley/singer-songwritery. I think if you like G. Love and Special Sauce and that kind of semi-hippie jazzy funky loungey rock stuff, you might like them. At times it kind of sounds like Top 40 Alternative type stuff. "Shapeshiftin'" is a countryish stomper, and probably the song I like best. The singer seems like he's trying to sound like a jazz singer, Michael Buble or something. Otherwise, steer clear.


Palin's speech last night

So I watched the Republican convention last night and I got pretty angry. Sarah Palin was just doing the same old Republican tactics - half truths, specious arguments, and flat out b.s.

For example, Obama is going to raise this tax and that tax. Yes, he is - on rich people. He's also cutting taxes on the middle class.

And according to Palin, we're about to win in Iraq but Obama is preventing us from doing so. Oh, really? The militants are about to lay down their arms, the Iraqi government is competent and able to govern the whole country, and we can remove our troops? That's news to me.

Palin also got in a dig at Democrats and San Francisco. You know what? People like San Francisco. They like it because it's beautiful, people are nice, and it's a good place to visit. Some (not all) Republicans hate San Francisco because gay people walk around freely, the city recycles, and they vote Democrat.

The one that makes me the angriest, however, is the constant implication (and sometimes flat out statement) that Obama and the Democrats are anti-America, put the country last, are defeatists, etc etc. As an example of this, Palin cited the fact that Obama made a speech mentioning a bunch of wars the US fought in, but never uttered the word "victory." What a stupid argument. Clearly mentioning World War II without saying "victory" means he is un-American.

I'm so sick of this crap. We have parties because we disagree with one another. Palin, McCain, Bush, Cheney, and some other Republicans seem to believe that if you disagree with them, you hate America. That's bullshit.

I hope that people see through the constant half-truths and nonsense, but you know what? We can't just hope, we have to put some feet on the ground too. We need to make some calls, talk to people, register voters, go to do door, anything. I'm going to volunteer for Obama - iif anybody else is interested, let me know.